emailLESS annual subscription



Send a letter by email:

Mail us your letter. We will digitalize your letter and send it via an email that contains a real size image of it.

Get an email reply by letter:

When a reply is received, we will print it and send it to you by post.



Why do you need my address?

So we can send you the reply to your letter by regular mail.

For frequent users
Price $250 per year
Incoming letters (letter to email) 5 per month
Outgoing letters (email to letter)* 10 per month
Payment method Check or online
Max number of pages 10

*Out of office replies are not consider outgoing letters

How should I inform you of the email address I want my letter to be sent to?

Put it along with our physical address. See the example below:
1388 Sherbrooke East Av.
Montreal , QC