Msg in Bitcoin’s Blockchain


I will place your text on the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain via a Bitcoin transaction. Once there is a confirmation from the Bitcoin transaction, I will send you a link to the transaction. The text will appear on the “Out Script”.

Your text will be part of the Blockchain forever, or until Bitcoin protocol stops supporting this feature.




Once added, can it be edited?

No, it can’t.

Can I OR Anyone, delete it after?

No, once it’s on the Blockchain it cannot be deleted.

Can I add more than 80 characters?

No, only 80 characters are allowed by the protocol.

Will you do the encoding to HEX?


Can I add anything, as long as it is only 80 characters?

Nope, if it seems offensive or somehow illegal, I will refuse to process your order.

To which Bitcoin Blockchain will the text be added?

There are many types of Bitcoins; the text will be added to the BTC Blockchain.

So how will you add text to the Blockchain

On the part of the Blockchain called OP_Return, which functions like the memo space on a check, simple messages and characters can be placed within transactions on the Blockchain.


Provide up to 80 characters for me to add to the Bitcoin Blockchain.

How long will it take?

I will add it within 2 business days.

WHAT SERVICE YOU USE TO charge my credit card?

We use Paypal